And here they are!!!
On the 19th of June, in Kąpielisko Marzeny kennel,
Ibra bred 7 puppies - 2 girls and 5 boys.

Frodo is a very proud and happy father.


On the 17th of June, at the CACIB show in Szczecin,
Amarna Horyzont Atona received CAC,
and has completed Polish Championship in only six and a half months.

Sincere congratulations to the owners.

And by the way a couple of new photos in gallery>>>


At the end of June Frodo will become father again.

"The Kennel of the Decade" in Poland - Kąpielisko Marzeny - is expecting puppies from PLCh. Ibra.

It's going to be the second litter of these parents. The first one you can see


Contact with the breeder - Barbara Wiech

phone: +48 41 315 18 57, mobile: +48 665 510 550


On the 1st of May at the CAC show in Dobre Miasto
Amarna Horyzont Atona received another CAC in intermediate class.


CACIB Show in Opole - April 29th.

Frodo's granddaughter- Geminorum Orinoco Flow
won the open class and in really impressive style (all CACs from international shows)
has completed Polish Championship. She also got ResCACIB.

Sincere congratulations from grandfather .


On the 15th of April Bilbo celebrated his 12th birthday.

Some say, that it's like human 112.
But he's still in pretty good form
you can see here >>>


On the 26th of March Frodo turned 8.
Therefore he may be presented in veteran class.

Please download Java(tm).  

Certainly he does not look like this, does he ?



March 17th - CACIB Show in Katowice.

Frodo's daughters were ... hmmmm... not very successful.
Amarna Horyzont Atona was fourth excellent in intermediate class,

and Kassy z Kąpieliska Marzeny received silver medal in champion class.


But grandchildren made a perfect appearance .
Waterfall Land Master began his adult championship winning CAC in intermediate class,
and Geminorum Orinoco Flow was given her second CAC from international show.


On the 11th of March, at the CAC show in Jarosław
Jedna Taka Jagoda Viva Zabajka
won her first CAC, and BOS.