We are Wislawa and Grzegorz Serafinowicz. We live in Wroclaw, in the south-west of Poland, and both have a medical education.
We love all creatures great and small. There are two dogs and a cat living with us at the moment.
Our first newfoundland came to us pretty accidentally.
At the dog show in Wroclaw in 1995, instead of watching competitions in rings, we went to see the puppies...
We came home with a black newfy puppy. Fortunately our sweet baby turned out to be a healthy, lovely pup, free from genetic faults.
With Bilbo we found the wonderful nature of newfoundlands and their great wisdom. When we decided to buy another dog, it was obvious that he had to be a black newfie. This time, everything was precisely considered. We chose the kennel, the bitch, and once again we were lucky, as our chosen came from the first litter of his parents... Frodo grew into a healthy, beautiful dog with a great heart, loving all people and animals, always cheerful and ready for amusement.
When the time comes to have the third dog, it will, of course, be a newfoundland...